Harry Flawd Wins Bruce Layton Memorial East Regional!

World Series Game 1

Paul draws 1st blood in the series with Giminez blasting a 2 out 2 run HR in the 2nd.  Harry’s bullpen would limit Paul to 3 hits the last 7 innings though and that would be all the scoring for Paul in game 1.  Harry gets 1 back in the bottom 5th on a Fletcher 2B, then in the 6th we get 4 runs going 3B-1B-1B-BB-BB-K-BB-Sac Fly. Harry wins 5-2.

Game 2 Heyward hits a 2 run HR for Harry and we add 1 in the 4th on a Verdugo RBI for a 3-0 lead, but Paul gets a J Ramirez HR in the 5th and an RBI 2B by Moreland in the 6th to tie it.  Extra innings we go, nothing interesting until bottom of the 12th when JT Realmuto, who led the team with 6 HR’s in the tourney, rolled the 3-8 for the walk off HR.  Harry up 2 games to 0.

Game 3 saw the tide turn with Paul getting 3 runs in the 2nd via Moustakas 2 run 2B and a Sac Fly, and Marco Gonzalez and 3 relievers combine for a 3 hit shutout.  2 games to 1.

Game 4 – more Paul power.  J-Ram blasts another HR, and Judge and Stallings go back-to-back for Paul in the 4th.  Harry gets a Moore solo shot in the 9th but too little too late as Paul ties the series at 2 games apiece, with a 5-2 win.

Game 5, last home game for Paul.  Harry gets a Candelerio solo shot in the 2nd and an RBI 1B by Heyward in the 3rd to take a 2-0 lead.  Judge ties it with 2 outs in the bottom of the 5th.  Harry strands based loaded in the 6th, misses a HR to 14 by JT and also a next batter 3B by Bradley in the 7th to remain tied. 8th inning we finally break thru, with the big “Premonition Roll” by Harry starting it off…..as I am tossing the dice into the tower with Heyward at bat….I announce “I don’t care if you have to get injured, just get on base!” Lo and behold, the 2-12 shows up!  So Goodrum pinch runs, steals 2B, and comes home on a Sac Fly by Tatis, after a weird Catcher X roll of 19 on a C3 gets a FC with runners at 1st and 2nd, 0 outs…  so Goodrum gets to go to 3rd on the play and scores on the next batter. Romano-Martin-Hendricks shut Paul down tossing 1 hit ball over the last 4 innings for a 3-2 win and 3-2 series lead.

Back to Detroit for Game 6 of the series, L. Castillo vs S. Gray. No scoring until the bottom of the 4th, where the series is won.  After a groundout, Heyward again gets HBP Injured.  Rendon BB is followed by a Candelerio K.  So 2 outs 1st and 2nd, big roll of the game.  2B X chance to Giminez (2 e 18), and I roll the 13 for an error.  Now bases loaded, 2 outs, still no runs in.  Verdugo draws a BB and JT comes thru with a huge 1B** for a 3 run inning.  Paul has 1 big last chance in the top of the 6th.  C. Martin comes into the game and all batters hit their own card and not Martins’, and Paul has bases loaded 1 out, a weak Martin vs. Moreland, we leave him in and he gets the BP 1B chance roll ….to 1.  Then Hendricks comes in and induces the GB 2B X and Fletcher makes the play to end the inning.  We ride Hendricks and D. May to the end and win 3-0, and the series 4-2.

MVP – Bullpen….25 innings 1 run in 6 games. 0.36 ERA.

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