March 3rd/4th – Denville, NJ – Mike Meszaros wins!

Congratulations to Mike Meszaros who defeated Ritchie Wain 4 games to 3 in a classic World Series!

Mike jumped out to a 3 games to 0 lead. Ritchie won game 4 in extra innings, game 5 with 3 runs in theĀ  9th (down 2), and game 6 with a homer in the 9th to tie it and 3 in the bottom of the 13th (down a run) to walk it off. In game 7, Mike was up 5-3 in the 9th and Ritchie hit a solo shot to close it to 5-4, but Mike held on!

Thank you to all who travelled through some very difficult weather on Friday to play with us. Mike Meszaros spent 12 hours in the Minneapolis airport when his original flight was cancelled. Ritchie and Paul Ferraro spent 17 hours in the car travelling from Pittsburgh. Interesting note, Richie slept through the draft after getting to the hotel at 4:30am and wound up playing with a DSIM team that had 3 lefty starters and playing in a 20 homer, 20 single park. Richie was heard to say ‘I will be sleeping through the draft at every tourney I attend from now on!’

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