Congrats to Harry Flawd for winning CT June!

Harry beat Mark G 4 games to 3 in the CT finals.

Game 1 – Mark scores a run in the 4th on a 1B** off Harper x-chance and a run in the 5th on a 2B off Hicks x-chance and wins 4-1 to get things going.

Game 2 – Maeda no hits Harry for 8 innings, but May/Iglesias/Hahn only give up 1 hit thru 8. 0-0 top 9 Watson in for Mark, Yaz rolls the straight shot 1-8 in the 0-0 park and Hendricks closes out a 1-0 win for Harry.

Game 3 – The offenses come to life in Pittsburgh, in a game now known as the Rendon show….he hits 1-8 first 3 times up for 3 HR’s in 1st 3 AB’s…Goodrum adds a 3 run shot…Harry gets within 1 with 2 outs in the 9th on back to back 2B’s by Seager and Yaz, but Moreland grounds out to end the game.

Game 4 – Greinke scatters 9 hits in a complete game 7-1 game for Harry, Tatis is 4-5, Wong is 3-4, Murphy 1-1 3 BB’s to lead the O.  Series ties 2-2.

Game 5 – Z. Davies gets lit up like a cheap cigar and gets totally burnt in a 12-0 shellacking for Mark.  Mark rolled the 5-9 off Davies Back to Back to Back in the 5th inning. 5 HR’s later….Mark leads 3 games to 2.

Game 6 – Maeda again for Mark goes 8 innings of no-hit ball, for the series 16 IP 0 hits….but Mark ends up losing both games…rough luck.  So top 9 still 0-0 thanks to May/Hendricks/Hahn tossing 8 innings of 2 hit ball…2 K’s and a BB to Seager and then to Yaz make it 1st and 2nd with 2 outs and GBx to Rendon…1e10…roll the 17 for a 2 base error and an un-earned run, followed by Wong singling in both runners, then Matzek K’s the side for a 3-0 win and to force a game 7.

Game 7 – Happ vs Burnes Wong strikes first with a solo HR in the 2nd, and Tatis solo HR in the 4th makes it 2-0 Harry.  Seager gets the RFx on Garcia for a 3*** 2B following a walk to Happ, and it’s now 3-0.  Seager and Buxton hit solo HR’s and the bullpen K’s 8 in the last 4 innings to close out the series for Harry.

Thanks for Mark for being a gracious host, he allowed me to postpone playing the final for a week so I didn’t have to drive home from CT at midnight.  I had the day off so I drove up to his house to play the series, and it was a full strat day as Brian Smith and Tim Rice and 3 others in Mark’s league were present and all playing baseball.  Great time.

MVP’s were Hendricks/Iglesias/Hand from the bullpen.

Season 1.32 ERA and 4-0 10 saves

World Series 0.00 ERA 12 IP 5 hits, 23 K’s.

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