Bruce Layton Memorial – Nov 9th-11th – Tim Rice wins!

Congratulations to Tim Rice who defeated the tag team of Eric Rusk and Bill Fenlon 3-0 in the World Series of the Bruce Layton Memorial tourney.

Tim defeated Paul Ferraro 3-0 in the semi finals. Eric and Bill defeated Andrew Gess 3-2 in the semi finals.

Paul defeated Gene Abood 2-0 in the quarterfinals. Eric and Bill defeated the tag team of Dave Morley and Dave Deichert 2-0 in the quarterfinals.

Tim and Andrew received first round byes for finishing first in their divisions.

On a side note, Gene started the tourney 13-0, before going 2-11 (0-6 vs. Andrew and 0-4 vs. Paul) the rest of the tourney including the 2 game sweep in the playoffs.

Congratulations also to Bruce Fogg who won the overall points championship this year, even though he couldn’t attend the BLM! Great season Bruce!